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the exam is over!!

:face75:assalamualaikum, :face39:

niey the first time syasya buat post ttg exam....tak de laa.just excited gilee! haha.. hurmm,
nape ye budak2x sekolah tak suke bile ade ujian atau pperiksaan??

:face3:Sebab2x pelajar tak suke bile ade ujian::
1) Kena perah otak gile2x! 2) Tak boleh berbual bile periksa 3) Sedih :face60: kalau keputusan tak menggembirakan
okayy..apa kata kite berfikiran positif? :124:

:face25:Sebab2x pelajar suke bile ade ujian::
1) Sudah bersedia dan yakin boleh menjawab soalan exam dgn baik
2) Dah prepare semua benda awal-awal
3) Dpt keputusan yg menggembirakan :face51:

So, kene lah study rajin-rajin yea!

tp syasya still tak boleh nak mengubah diri sendiri drp benci ujian kpd suke ujian..mungkin boleh jd mungkin tak boleh.. haha... tp syasya akn try wt the best.. :face69:

this post translate from malay to english ...

this were the first time i post about exam.. i'm just crazy excited! haha..hurmm,why pupils hate when there's exam around the corner?
Why pupils hate exam :face11:::
1) Need to study like we gonna die ..oh no!
2) can't talk when exam
3) Sad when the result are such annoying
:19:okayy,lets think positively..:86:

Why pupils love exam::
1) Ready and confident can answer the paper nicely
2) Everything were prepared early
3) Get the WOW results!! :11:

So,study hard dude!:face42:

but i still can't change myself from hate exams to love exams.. maybe can or maybe not.. haha... but, i will try the best in the next exam.. :face17::face44:

ok readers:119: that's all :119: :t:Love, Syasya...:67: XOXO...

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